Intellectual property law

Intellectual property assets are essential in business life and must be protected and defended against third party infringements. Intellectual property is made up of two branches, namely industrial property (trademarks, designs, etc.) and literary and artistic property (copyright, neighboring rights, etc.).

Intellectual property: a strategic issue

To optimize the protection of its intellectual property assets, it is essential to take them into consideration at all stages of the company’s development: upstream of the creation of the structure, in the daily management of the activity, for project launches or even in the context of disputes with third parties. With the evolution of digital technology, it is essential to master intellectual property issues.

Protecting your intellectual property rights

If the acquisition of intellectual property rights is automatic in the case of copyrights (subject to the originality of the work), others must be registered with the national offices in order to be protected. This is particularly the case for trademarks and designs.

Each intellectual property right has its own specific conditions of validity, so that their protection and defense against third parties must be ensured by lawyers specialized in the field, who will be able to develop the most appropriate strategies to optimize the protection of your assets.

Valuing your intellectual heritage

Bouchara can assist you in conducting audits for the valuation of your intellectual property assets.

We also offer training and awareness operations on the protection of intellectual property rights.

Optimize the contractualization of your intellectual property rights

Bouchara Law Firm assists you in the management and exploitation of your intellectual property rights (negotiation and drafting of license agreements, assignment of rights, coexistence agreements for trademarks, designs, etc.).

We also intervene in the field of franchise agreements (support for franchisors, drafting of charters for the respect of your rights to be signed by the franchisees, etc.).

How to protect your intellectual property rights?

Each intellectual property right has its own specificities and is therefore not apprehended in the same way.

Bouchara Law Firm is specialized in intellectual property law and will provide you with its expertise in both industrial property and literary and artistic property.

Monitor your rights and protect your e-reputation

Bouchara Law Firm offers you monitoring services for your intellectual property assets (trademark monitoring, Internet monitoring, especially on social networks, blogs, etc.) in order to detect potential infringements by third parties as early as possible and to react effectively to promote the peaceful exploitation of your trademarks and intellectual property assets in business life.

As such, Bouchara assists its clients in protecting their e-reputation.

Defending your rights

The Bouchara Law Firm represents your interests in both demand and defense in the context of legal actions before the Courts in matters of trademarks, designs, copyrights, etc. (infringement action, seizure procedure, nullity action, unfair competition action, etc.).

We also ensure the defense of your rights abroad with our local correspondents who will be able to represent you before foreign jurisdictions.

Bouchara also represents you in administrative proceedings before the Intellectual Property Offices (INPI, EUIPO, WIPO) and in domain name recovery proceedings (UDRP, SYRELI).

E-Commerce and personal data

Bouchara has developed an expertise in E-commerce.

We assist you in the drafting of General Terms and Conditions of Sale and General Terms and Conditions of Use, in the management of sales and private sales online and in all your procedures relating to the processing of personal data (particularly with the CNIL).

Our services

Assistance and advice

The Bouchara Law Firm assists you in protecting your intellectual property rights (trademarks, designs, company names, domain names, signs, etc.) and in securing your project (conducting prior art searches, filing strategies, setting up surveillance systems, etc.).

Negotiation and drafting of contracts

Bouchara Law Firm assists you in the negotiation and drafting of assignment, license and coexistence agreements in the field of trademarks, domain names, designs, etc…


The Bouchara Law Firm ensures the protection and the defense of your interests within the framework of the following procedures:

  • Trademark opposition proceedings before the competent offices (INPI, EUIPO, WIPO etc.);
  • Alternative dispute resolution procedures for domain names (UDRP, SYRELI etc…);

Litigation before the French and European Union courts in matters of trademarks, domain names and other distinctive signs.

Areas ofexpertise

Bouchara's team will assist you in intellectual property law.