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ICANN, otherwise known as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is an international non-profit organization founded in 1998 that works to maintain the security, stability and interoperability of the Internet.

In particular, ICANN coordinates the system for assigning top-level domain names, and thus has some influence on the development and evolution of the Internet.

ICAAN contracts with each domain name registry and accredits registrars to ensure a stable and consistent environment for the DNS.

ICANN’s decisions are made by a board whose members are essentially appointed by an independent committee.

ICANN wants to be a self-regulating entity, even if the organization is historically linked to the United States and its Secretary of Commerce.

ICANN has 3 main constituencies involved in its operation:

  • The Board of Directors, which provides strategic oversight of the ICANN organization;
  • The Community that brings together stakeholders at the international level to work together to improve policies within the framework of ICANN’s missions;
  • The ICANN organization that provides resources to the Community and the Board, and implements adopted policies.

Point of legislation

The Company acts in accordance with these chapters and its Articles of Incorporation in the interest of the Internet community as a whole, conducting its activities in accordance with the relevant provisions of international law, international conventions and applicable national laws, and through open and transparent processes that allow for competition and free access to Internet-related markets. To this end, the Company may collaborate with relevant international organizations as appropriate

Article 2, third paragraph of the ICANN Bylaws

Point of jurisprudence

The Paris Court of Appeal was able to rule that ” the administrative mechanism proposed by Icann in the interest of the management of the domain name system in order to ask experts, while protecting from recourse the persons in charge of the addressing system, to pronounce, subject to the verification of the courts, on certain specific aspects of the litigation resulting for the holder of a trademark right, from the registration or from the abusive use of a domain name, does not constitute an arbitration

Paris Court of Appeal, June 17, 2004

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