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Intellectual Property Lawyer and Intellectual Property Counsel

 What is the difference between an IP lawyer and an IP counselor?

A lawyer is a legal professional registered with a Bar Association established at each Court of Justice.

He informs his clients of their rights and obligations, of the steps and procedures, advises them, assists them and represents their interests in court.

Lawyers may take specialty certificates, including the following in connection with intellectual property (a branch of business law):

  • Intellectual property law, which covers the following areas of specialization:
  • Digital law (new technologies) and communications
    • Advertising law;
    • Telecommunications law.

Vanessa Bouchara has a double specialization in Intellectual Property Law and Digital and Communication Law.

It is essential for any company or individual to turn to lawyers specializing in intellectual property and digital technology who are fully aware of the issues will put their skills at your service and will be able to provide you with a detailed legal expertise and advice adapted to your needs, taking into account their experience in the field.

A lawyer specializing in intellectual property law will guide you and will be able to assist you in both advice and litigation, in particular

For its part, the Industrial Property Attorney (IPO) assists its clients in the context of filings and all administrative procedures before the Trademark Offices only.

An Industrial Property Attorney may not represent one of his clients before the Courts in the event of a legal dispute.

Article L.422-1 of the Intellectual Property Code provides that “The profession of an industrial property attorney is to offer, on a regular and remunerated basis, his services to the public in order to advise, assist or represent third parties with a view to obtaining, maintaining, exploiting or defending industrial property rights, ancillary rights and rights relating to all related matters.

Our team of lawyers practices in the jurisdiction of the Paris Court of Appeal.

We are also external Data Protection Officer for many processors and subcontractors and have expertise in the protection, processing and transfer of personal data ( GDPR compliance, drafting of data protection policies etc.).

The Bouchara Law firm assists you in particular in :